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Volleyball Starts Practice August 1st

Volleyball player scooping up a ball in practice.

So Coach Bonds, what is your goal with the preseason workouts?

My goal for the preseason workouts and practices are to prepare them for the upcoming season. With the majority of the team being freshmen, it is important that the sophomores and freshmen are on one accord on and off the court.


What excites you the most around this time?

What excites me the most is seeing the competitive spirit that the entire team has!


What areas of your game are you looking to focus on improving before the season starts?

Before we play our first scrimmage, we need to really focus on the frontline offense. We have to focus on really putting the ball down.


Are there any players on your radar that we should be on the lookout for?

Absolutely! Suzy Njoku, Kristen Herman and freshmen Raven Clater. I feel that Raven will be a difference maker on the team!


When is the first home game?

Our first official game is August 28th against Paul Quinn College.


Any words for the MVC Campus?

The MVC Volleyball team would really appreciate the support from the entire campus. We are shooting to be in the top 3 of conference and pushing for 2nd round of conference tournament. And overall winning season!