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Women's Basketball Becomes a Sanctioned Sport

Headshot of Coach Keitha Dickerson
Coach Keitha Dickerson

Below is an exclusive interview with Head Coach of Women's Basketball, Keitha Dickerson as she speaks on what it means to be a sanctioned sport, and what she looks forward to the most when it comes to the 2019-2020 season! 


So Coach K, what is the difference between a sport being "club" and "sanctioned"? What are the benefits?

A club sport has no postseason, so the athletes are simply playing to stay in shape and for the love of the game.

A sanctioned sport has the opportunity to compete and play for a national championship, so there is more on the line.


How long has MVC Women's Basketball been a "club" sport?

Well, ever since I've been here, which has been 13 years. We were actually one of the first schools in the district to establish Women's Basketball as a sport period. No other schools in the district had it before Mountain View.


What excites you the most about Women's Basketball now being sanctioned?

The opportunity for these young ladies to play for a national championship, also for the them to be able to be looked at by bigger schools to have the potential to get better scholarships. For our program, furthering their academic career is what's most important, so now they are given a better shot of being able to do that with less financial burden. On top of that, when it comes to the regular season we are able to schedule and play more games.


Do you think it will affect the players mentally in any way now that their sport is sanctioned?

Not in a negative way at all. I believe it will be a positive affect because now they're playing for something more than just for bragging rights. I think it will enhance them to want to stay the course and get their degree knowing that there is something bigger on the line.


Moving forward, are there any changes you plan on making to your coaching style when it comes to what you focus your players on?

No not at all. I have always done my best to coach as if we were playing for a championship.


Any last thoughts you'd like to share with MVC campus regarding the 2019-20 season?

I'm just very excited about the season! I've come across students who didn't even know we had a Women's Basketball program, so I want the campus to know that WE ARE HERE! We have a lot of new talent coming in and this season is going to be spectacular, so be sure to come out and watch your Lady Lions compete!