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Media Day!

Women's Soccer player #3 Wendy Cantu, Volleyball player #12 Suzanne Njoku, and Men's Soccer play #6 Mostapha Khazem
#3 Wendy Cantu, #12 Suzy Njoku, & #6 Moe Khazem

Wendy Cantu (soccer), Suzy Njoku (volleyball), and Mostapha Khazem (soccer; also known as "Mo") are all representatives of each program that has begun their season thus far. Suzy and Mo are both returners while Wendy is a transfer student. Below is an interview we had with each of the student-athlete's to hear more about them and what they're looking forward to the most this upcoming season!


First and foremost so the campus knows, tell me where you are from, what's your intended major, and what position you play on the field?

Wendy: Fort Worth, radiology, and centerback

Suzy: Dallas, nursing, and middle blocker

Mo: Lebanon, mechanical engineering, and mid-fielder


What was your favorite part of the pre-season practices?

Wendy: "My favorite part had to be just getting to build a closer bond with the new team and coaches, and to be able to get comfortable with them."

Suzy: "Seeing how everybody plays their game. You get to analyze your teammates and see each individuals strengths and weaknesses and it's interesting to see how we all fit together as a team."

Mo: "Well we have a whole new team so a lot of the kids coming to play are new. So it was good getting to meet them and build relationships with them and become a  family. What WASN'T fun was the running."


What are some of the main differences you see in this year's team as compared to last years?

Wendy: Well coming from a different school one thing I love is that everybody gets along. There's good energy between the team and the coaches, everybody works hard, Coach Garfias is fun, and also there's a lot of improvement from beginning of practice to now.

Suzy: We got closer a lot quicker than last years team. The sophomores right now are the core of the team so we took initiative and put in the effort to make sure that we were a family unit from the beginning.

Mo: You can tell this team is a lot more serious then last year's team. Everybody wants to give more, we're more committed, we show up to practice, and the energy is a lot better.


What are some academic and athletic goals for you guys this year?

Wendy: "Well academically I want to finish with 2 associates (radiology and science) with a 3.8 GPA or higher. Athletically I want to win conference and go to New York for national tournament. Actually it'd be really cool if both Men's and Women's teams got to go together."

Suzy: "Academically I want to have my grades reflect my work ethic. I felt like I could've done a lot better last year, so I want to make sure that I don't short hand myself this time around. Athletically I want to be a leader on the team, win the conference tournament, and most importantly help make my teammates stronger."

Mo: "Academically I just want to be able to graduate and transfer to bigger university hopefully with a full ride scholarship. Athletically of course I want to win the National Championship ring!"


Any message you guys want to get out to the campus?

Wendy: "Guys come support and be loud!"

Suzy: "We're all in this year. Get ready for an amazing season! Come out and support us, we're ready to give yall a great show this year!"

Mo: "Come support and cheer for us, show soccer some love!"