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Homecoming Student vs Faculty Softball Game

photo of students and faculty
Students in blue, Faculty in yellow

DALLAS, T.X. - Every year during Homecoming week, there is a Softball game held between the students and the faculty along with a small tailgate beforehand. The Faculty clearly had a lot of built up energy that was taken out during the game as they hit 3 homeruns (including one grand slam). As a matter a fact, the Faculty scored so many runs that nobody asked what the score was, as it was clear that the Faculty asserted their dominance in defending their home turf. All in all both sides had a lot of fun and enjoyed being able to go out and bond with each other through friendly competition. Below are a few photos from the event: 


Student at bat

Faculty getting ready for the next pitch

Faculty playing defense

Students practicing pitching

Silly group photo of students and faculty